Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just the beginning

Hello all......Not sure where to start......I guess this will be a 'test blog'. I would like to thank HappyApple for directing me to this site...Thanks Di!! I have been trying to keep a daily record/journal for the kids homeschooling, which I have later found out I have been 'notebooking' (once again a thanks goes to Di!! She's a great lady! A fountain of information....) It just seems so had to get off of the computer to keep a written account, so I started in Microsoft....did ok, but gonna try it this way.....just gotta figure out if/how to print these off, so I can add it to the kids books.

Ok, there's my test.....Our Kindergarten year will officially start August 1, 2005. We are wrapping up our preK year, so I will finish it out here!!!

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