Thursday, June 23, 2005

Finally back home

Whew!!! We are home!! We had a great trip!! The campsite at the Buffalo River was AWESOME!!!, as was the sister and I were in a canoe together, with Samantha, and being a little (ok, a LOT!!) nervous, I think we did a great job!! Neither of us have ever done that before (I know where's the grammar check) and we did drag several times, and we got turned around backwards quite a few times, but NEVER flipped!!! YEAH!!! We came close a couple of times, but never went over....

The river was beautiful....saw lots of animals...skunks and coons both came into the campsite at night time, there were some river otters swimming along close to where we were, and of course, the snakes....

We had a blast in Branson also, rented a boat, and rode in a hotair balloon.
Well, we are home, but both of us have family in town, so I will catch back up later!!

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