Friday, October 10, 2014

Round Up On The River

One of the big events for Girl Scouts this year was Round Up On The River.  This was a huge event open up to girls all over the state of Arkansas - took place at The Clinton Presidential Center - with original plans to camp-out on the library grounds.  However, the weekend was a total washout and we actually got to sleep in the great hall inside the library!  First group ever to be allowed to stay inside overnight at a Presidential Library!  That was pretty cool!!

Upon arrival, after check in, we had some badgework to complete as we toured the library.  The special exhibit there this weekend was Zuhully blown glass - that was pretty amazing!  

Dinner was served at Cafe 42 - fancy stuff! After dinner, we left the girls for their evening class and we went to ours - loved our teacher for the weekend!!

Saturday morning, after breakfast, the girls went to their own classes while the adults went to their own.  The adult lessons were great and could be applied at more than just in a girl scout setting!

We wrapped up Saturday evening with a dance party! It was glow in the dark and the photos didn't come out that great!

Sunday morning was closing ceremony and certificates, presented to the girls for their Take Action Project, by the Diamonds CEO. 

The girls had a great weekend - I was sad that not all of my girls were able to attend!

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