Sunday, August 3, 2014

Silver Award Banquet

Samantha, along with 2 other girls in my troop, worked hard this past year and earned their Silver Award.  The Silver Award is the highest award that Girl Scouts in grade 6, 7, and 8th can earn.  In order to earn this, they have to complete a Girl Scout Journey and put in 80 hours of work towards their project.  

Samantha and Em decided to work with the Animal Shelter and make bat houses for them.  They put in time researching bats and their benefits, bat house styles, bat house placement. They spent time talking to the employees and volunteers at the Animal Shelter. They also spent time requesting donations and writing thank you notes for these.  Their final hours were spent assembling the bat houses!  They did this completely on their own - Roger was not home and I had no idea - but they figured it out!

Today was the Council wide Awards Banquet for the Older Girls and my three girls were a part of this special ceremony. Not only did they receive the recognition in front of hundreds of people, they got a certificate from GSUSA and Girl Scout Diamonds, and a pin to wear on their vests.  

Something else special about this day - my girls were asked to be a part of the Color Guard for the Banquet! 

*pictures to come soon -Blogger is being quirky and I am trying to catch up!

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