Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

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Have you heard about this?  I hadn't until recently!!  Almost 20 different radio shows - that you can listen to live OR go back and listen to the archives! 
You can go to the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network webpage and browse from there - or better yet, sign up to get the email updates and the live shows for the week will come to your inbox.  Even if you can't make it to the live shows, the links to listen later are there as well. 
I really enjoyed listening to Mommy Jammie Nights - and there are facebook/twitter parties to go along with this - however, I haven't been able to listen live due to previous conflicts.  Another one of my favorites to listen to is Homeschooling IRL.  One other that we have listened to a time or two - Current Issues and the Constitution - the kiddos have listened to this one with me and it has spurred a few questions a time or two. There are several others that I have plans to check out as well...
Check out their facebook page - following it will get you reminders of what's coming up - in case you forget!  Oh, and I almost forgot - one of the greatest things about this... FREE... yeah, you read that right!!  All of these great radio shows are available to you for free!! 
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