Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bathroom Makeover Complete!!

Our bathroom floor was getting squishy, so we decided it was time to do a complete bathroom make-over.  

We had light yellow walls and rubber duckies in the bathroom.  I found a shower curtain I liked and we worked around it.  I thought the butterflies we painted in November were going to match it - I was WAY WRONG!  However, I did find a painting class that was offering something that did match.  

We started off painting the once white trim a light brown.  The light yellow walls became a fairly deep blue.  The rubber duckies all came off the wall and the duckie shower curtain came down.  Our once white floors (yes, white - I know, what was I thinking??) became a fake wood look. We framed the mirror and hung the owl pictures that Samantha and I painted at Painting With A Twist. It is pretty dark in there right now, but we have another light that we are going to install.  Once I get that, and a toilet paper holder, I think it will be good to go!!  

On a side note - anyone need any rubber duckies for their bathroom? I have tons of stuff!!

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  1. I love the colors on the shower curtain! The bathroom looks great!


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