Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sick of being sick

Do you ever feel that way?  I think with the Lupus, it is truly a constant feeling - even when I feel ok, it's usually just 'better', not well.  This year, has been particularly bad.  I was doing ok the beginning of the year, while I was on the study drug, I felt pretty good.  Then, the study was terminated in May and from there, I went downhill.  Even though I haven't heard what my lung capacity is right now, my lung function has decreased and my breathing is worse.  My face is sorta clear - depending on the day - but still stays pretty red -just not flaky.  And, of course, the meds I have had to increase have also made my weight increase...

On top of the normal Lupus issues, I ended up with a bite that turned into staph the beginning of August... numerous trips to the doctor, surgeon, ER and rounds of medicine... I think it may be gone.  I go back in a month to make sure that we are clear.  During all of this time, my other, normal lupus meds have been on hold - which makes me more susceptible to a lupus attack.  And, just in time for flu season - please wash your hands!!  Also, please pray that all is clear - as soon as I get a clean bill from the staph, I get to start on Benlysta - which is similar to the study drug I was doing in May.  I am looking forward to giving this a try and seeing how I respond to it. 

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