Friday, December 20, 2013

Proud of my kiddos

We were out running some errands - actually, the kiddos were Christmas shopping for each other & we were going to have a nice family lunch - when Grandpa called.  He works as a volunteer with the sheriff's department, and one of the things they do is give time to Salvation Army on the day that they pull the gifts for delivery. He has done this for as long as I can remember.  He called, asking what the kiddos were doing for the day - they were short volunteers and he wanted to know if they could help.  (even though I had had a bad experience with SA, I gave them the option to go help).  After lunch, Roger took them to the warehouse (around noon).  Grandpa dropped them off to us at the FD Christmas Party at 7pm.  They worked their bums off!! They were runners in the warehouse and Samantha said that she wished she would have had my pedometer on, because she felt sure they walked several miles. 

Grandpa told us that the person in charge was very pleased and impressed with my kiddos, their manners, and their work ethics.  He requested that they come back with Grandpa next year.  Makes me proud!

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