Thursday, December 5, 2013

More than just book work

This week, as I am back and forth with more doctors, the kiddos get to do something other than sit down - desk work. 

Samantha's Girl Scout friend is working on her Silver Award, so she asked if Samantha could go with her and help out (they are a homeschool family also).  She was able to get in 12 hours of volunteer work this week helping Jo.  I will share more about what they are working on once she submits her paperwork and gets her award.  I will say this though - they have worked hard this week on this part of her project.  Jo has her work cut out for her to finish it up - hopefully, Sam, along with the other girls, will be able to help her out a little more!  Pretty proud of her for taking on such a task!!

Just so happens that Rog had taken a couple days off of his part time job to help out with my aunt's florist - so I sent Ry with him.  He helped Rog deliver wreaths all over Little Rock -to the doctor's offices.  This is something Rog helps out with every year, and now Ry has stepped up to help out this week each year.  He was pretty excited and he earned some cash of his own.  While updating our calendar, I noticed that they both are down to work Valentine's Day! 

So, learning this week has been more than book work.  They both have had a great week - and learned something new!

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