Thursday, November 21, 2013

Serving at the local school

I held off on posting this, because I was hoping for some photos... 

Every year since they were 3, my kiddos have gone to a public school Thanksgiving lunch for the family.  The first few years, it was with their cousin Em.  The past few, it was with Chunky.  School lunches are not their thing (& admittedly, they are not that great!)- but being at school and going through the lunch line and being able to spend time like this was something they always looked forward to. 

This year, they were approached by the PTA President and asked if they would be able to help out at the lunch.  We showed up before lunches started and they got instructions.  I was able to sit and help with the tickets and money.  The kiddos helped keep trash cleaned up, helped with drinks, refilled, kept ice in cups while lunches were going on and then were a huge help when it was all over - cleaning up and moving furniture.

We were all able to take a break and have lunch with Chunky - he thought that was great.  The kiddos were tired when we got home, but they really enjoyed being there and being able to help out.

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