Sunday, November 17, 2013

Girl Scout Mom & Me

 This year for our Annual Girl Scout Mom & Me, we had Painting with Mom.  The picture we were to paint was a butterfly.  I have never done the painting classes like this and was very nervous at the beginning - I was scared to commit the paint to the page!  I'm not the artsy one in the family!  

The girls all loved it and jumped right in!

I tried to take pictures at each step, but you can tell that I was forgetful throughout the day!!

This was Sam's halfway through.  She thinks it turned out like a moth.

I was pretty impressed with the troop as a whole, and would love to look into us doing this again!!

We are in the process of redoing our bathroom, and while I don't have my hands on the shower curtain I want, I know which one it is and what it looks like, and I *think* these will go pretty good with it - so they are going in the bathroom - once we paint in there!

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