Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: Homemaker's Mentor Library CD {and GIVEAWAY!}

Are you a stay home mom, or even a working mom, that could use a little boost?  The Homemaker's Mentor CD collection is exactly what you need!  The CD is a collection from Martha Greene and Rebekah Wilson and a few other like-minded homemakers. It is full of their experience, expertise and practical know-hows that they have shared over the years.  

I have to admit, the first time I opened it, I was a little overwhelmed by how much information was there... almost 30 different files.  I scrolled through them and peeked at a few, but it was just so much, it scared me.  

The next time I got brave enough to peek in there, I realized there was a contents file.  I printed that - all 7, very thorough, pages of the contents - and that eased my fears tremendously!  Being able to look at the list of what all is in there was so much easier on me!  

I started at the beginning of that list, trying to narrow down where I wanted to start with the files.  There are some files on here that just don't appeal to me -right now - such as Aprons for Mom and Me, Easy Embroidery Fun, Knitting with Frames and Quilting Memories. We just are not into sewing, so while I am sure these are awesome files.  Samantha is showing a bit of interest in sewing, so I am sure it won't be long until we open up the Small Steps to Machine Sewing.

Once I cleared up the list a little better, I could see that I was going to love most of these!!  In fact, where do I start?? A Vision of Order for Your Home - yep... looks like a good place to start!  The meat of this file was what we all know - what works best - quiet time in the Word and a schedule.  Seeing this written out how she has it written was one of those slap in the face moments that made me realize - I need to get back to both of these!

My next stop was Master Bedroom Detailing - it is on my list to do THIS FRIDAY!  (for some reason, we have a light school day and MY room will be taken care of!) I also checked into the Closet Advice.  It mostly discusses the linen closet, which is ok for the time being here, but there are some things I can apply to the bedroom closet while I am in there cleaning.  

What is most awesome about this - all of the kitchen files!  The kiddos and I read through Cast Iron Care together - since we have several that we use on a regular basis - and Samantha recently learned how to use a dutch oven.  From there - oh my- Cakes! Cookies! Beans, Beans & More Beans, Granola! Homemade Pizzeria & Ice Cream Parlor, Homemade Candy, Quick Mixes and one that I was really happy to see Jerky and Fruit Leather!  Roger is already spending time in the woods - so having some new jerky recipes will be great!

Along with the several reviews on Bow Of Bronze  there are a few other options going on with this review launch...

There is a giveaway  ~ a bundle worth over $400 ~ being held at Wholesome Child

There is a giveaway RIGHT HERE on my blog!!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will draw two names from those who comment and those two names will receive their own copy of the Homemaker's Mentor CD

AND ~ until October 18th, the CD, normally priced $47 is on sale for $37!  Shipping included!!

I want to thank Bow of Bronze for and the group from HomeschoolFreebieoftheday setting up this review team.This CD is an awesome resource that I am sure I will come to many times! I have put the contents page in my recipe book that I use frequently! 

This product was given to me, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.  

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  1. I love that you read through the cast iron skillet file with your kids! I needed that one and am so glad to know those details.


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