Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another HomeSchooling High School Meeting

I have been attending different Homeschooling High School informational meetings throughout this past year.  I am wanting/needing to know what needs to be taught, how the hours work, how credit works... I didn't think I was ready to start talking college yet...

It appears that now is as good of time as any.  The most recent meeting I attended, there were three college representatives there and they had some really good information.  Of course, their main purpose was recruitment, but they were very helpful with helping me to know what direction to take with the kiddos...well, what direction they want to take...

The main thing that was stressed was scholarships - search for them!! They are everywhere for everything... you just have to look.  They can start applying for some of them as early as 9th grade!  

One of the other things that really stuck with me was backing up to go to school.  Basically, figure out what you want to do, find the 4 year school that offers that degree. From there, see what you can accomplish at a 2 year school that works towards that goal.  Once you figure that out, back up from there and figure out what concurrrent classes you can take or what you can CLEP.  The suggestion was to go to ADHE page and there is a list of all of the degrees offered in Arkansas, along with what school they are offered at.  Great place to start...

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