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SchoolHouse Review Crew: PeopleKeys ~ Personality Style Report

My personality is mostly...

How do you feel about your personality? Have you ever taken a personality test? Do you think taking a personality test would change what you thought about it?

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PeopleKeys is a company that offers online (and physical) personality assessments. The website has a section for business that offers assessments for hiring, teambuilding, and sales training.  

There is also a section for education. There are several items under the education area including Career Style, Learning Style, Thinking Style, Goal Setting.   Most all of these items come in either online assessment form, or a physical copy with workbooks and teachers guides.  One of the selections is the StudentKeys Personality Style Report - this is the one that we were chosen to review.  
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The Personality Style Report uses a questionnaire for the student, and then a breakdown of their style using the DISC System - D-Dominant, I-Influence, S-Steady, C-Compliant. Since Samantha was helping me out with another review, I had Riley do the Personality Style Assessment.  I helped him get logged in and he went to the other room to start on it.  About 3 seconds later he came back and wasn't sure what to do.  He sat beside me on the couch and we walked through each question and I told him to think about it, and be honest, not just to answer the questions to be done with it.  (That made me glad he came back and asked for help - so I know he put thought in to the answers).  Even though the questions were fairly simple, the assessment took him about 30 minutes to complete, he really studied on the answers. Once we hit submit it only took a second to get the results.  I read through the results and was a bit confused.  I thought I had saved the results to go back and look over at a later time (when my brain wasn't full of those questions!), but... I couldn't find it!! I couldn't even find my results online! 

I ended up emailing the company asking for help & they were VERY helpful!  Her reply walked me through how to go back and find it online - very easy, just a total oversight on my part! Plus, she included the pdf download of Riley's results.  And even as I was working on this review, they were very helpful with answering questions.  

Even after taking a few days from it, the results still seemed pretty confusing to me... well, maybe not confusing, but overwhelming?  After I really looked at it, it became a little more clear.. if fact, the way the results are laid out really seems to make sense (so don't let it overwhelm you!)  The explanation of the assessment is on the left hand side of the page -most of the page - then your results are in a purple stripe down the right hand side.  

Riley's personality style is a reformer - sociable and friendly, can be a leader.  (Pretty spot on so far!) His fears are social rejection (yep). His primary personality style is an "I", with a very close "S" (yep- guessed it right again).  So, all the way through this 17 page assessment results, there is the description of the different styles, how they blend, what their strengths and weaknesses are, characters, learning, communication- and along the side, in purple where it will stand out, are my results, with an explanation.  Not that hard to follow at all!!  

So, there are several of the test assessments that I would love for the kiddos to take!  I want Samantha to take this same personality test, I would love to see their learning styles, and of course in the next year or so - I would love for them to do the career assessment - just so they have an idea! (and add it to their high school folders they are working on).  I think that by having results of the way they learn, or even what career they would click with, would be an awesome asset to us as we plan their upcoming high school years!! 

The Personality Style Report is geared toward students 13 and older, and  available as a online assessment for $12.  The prices on the other assessments vary and they are also available in both physical and online.  Please check out the link to see what others think of all the products available.  


As an afterthought... and I may be crazy... but I am really going to look into the Career Style Report and possibly lead a Career Orientation class next semester at co-op... based around this... am I nuts?? (I don't even like big kids!  I prefer the toddler/preK - but I have taken on the big kids this semester and I think I may enjoy them!)

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