Sunday, September 29, 2013

Older Girl Outdoor Training

This weekend, I took my girls to an Older Girl Outdoor Training.  This weekend was a camp-out for the older girls to teach them some of the camping skills that our outdoor events person looks for when she asks for help at the Spring Camp-Out. Things like starting a campfire, starting a charcoal chimney, making a wash station were the main focus, however we did spend sometime learning how to use a compass and how to tie a few knots.  Both lunch and dinner Saturday, as well as breakfast on Sunday were prepared in a dutch oven.  Pretty good meals!  Samantha was excited that she got some dutch oven experience - well, actually, all of my girls were!  We will be expanding our own troop camping skills soon!  Seeing as how I have a coleader who is all about the outdoors, she is ready to take them camping!!

The weekend was an awesome weekend... minus one small detail.  RAIN.  And lots of it.  Here are a couple shots of the tent... the raindrops on the ceiling of the tent and one of the girls sweeping water out of the floor of the tent the girls were supposed to sleep in.  TONS of water in the tent.  Thankfully, there was a greatroom at the campground we were staying at.  My troop, along with a couple others, slept in there.  My co and I slept in my van.  Our tent was leaky, but not as bad as the girls tent was.

Samantha the second morning, waiting for seconds of the yummy breakfast!

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