Saturday, August 17, 2013

Photography Merit Badge ~ the beginning

I helped set up another Merit Badge class for the boys.  I had 6 in attendance, which turned out to be a great class size!  She broke down the merit badge requirements, spoke in their language and brought several cameras to discuss and share with them.  It was early on a Saturday morning, and the kiddos were a little tired, but they paid pretty close attention and asked questions.  

They completed most of the Merit Badge, the last step is to actually take the photos and share with the group.  We have the October 1st meeting set aside for finishing up some other Merit Badges.  I am looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with!!  

Oh, and I would like to give credit to Ann Snelson, for giving up her Saturday morning to come volunteer her time to share with these boys.  Check out her website, make an appointment if you are local!!

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