Monday, August 5, 2013

BlogHop ~ Scouting as a part of life~ It started with Girl Scouts

I'm not real sure how or why we got started in Girl Scouts.  All I know is it changed our lives and I think it was one of the best decisions we made in the early years!  

We started off in Kindergarten as a Daisy.  As Daisy's, moms have to stay, so I became a troop mom and jumped in to help (I mean, if I have to be there, right?).  We met a couple of times a month, completed our petals, did crafts, had snacks and made new (lifelong) friends.

After our year of Daisy, we were to be 1st year Brownies.  While were Daisy's, we didn't have to have a bank account, because we couldn't sell cookies.  Once we became Brownies, our leader didn't want to deal with the account and paperwork.  I told her if she would continue the crafts and teaching, I would deal with all of the paperwork.  That worked out fine until halfway through the year when she announced she was pregnant and once she had the baby, she would be done with scouts.  Parents asked me to step up and take the lead for the rest of the year, so the troop wouldn't dissolve.  

At the end of our 1st Brownie year, we really didn't have a leader.  The parents asked me to please continue being a leader to keep the troop together. For some strange reason, I agreed.... For our 2nd and 3rd year Brownies, I had a small group and while I had no co-leader,  I had very active parents.  

By the time we were Juniors, I had added a couple of girls and more great parents.  One of the moms stepped up to be the co-leader. Some of these girls started together in Kindergarten, I picked up the rest during 2nd and 3rd grade.  They are entering 8th and 9th grade and I still have a group of six.  These girls are the best of friends, they get along and love hanging out together.  They are a loving bunch of girls and will step up to do a service project for anyone at any time. They are silly together and make me laugh ALL THE TIME. These girls are like my own.

All of that to say that, being a part of Girl Scouts has been a life changing experience for all of us.  Samantha has made friends that I know, no matter where they go in life, they will always be friends.  I have made friends - two of my best friends are my Girl Scout moms.  All five of them are true friends that I know will always be my friends... Even Roger and Riley have made friends through our Girl Scout life.

Being a leader (and more - that comes later) causes scouting to consume your life.  We live, eat, sleep and breathe scouting around here - especially during the school year.  Being a homeschool family, we tend to mix the two - any badge work she does, any service she does, anything she does that I can count as school work- I count it.  

To me, scouting, just like homeschooling, has become a way of life.  She has come so far in scouts and still has wonderful opportunities ahead of her!!  

If you have hopped here during the Crew Blog Hop, here is the link to hop back and read more!  Thanks for visiting and come back for more about scouts - I will be talking about Boy Scouts tomorrow!! And I am also open to answering any questions about scouting!

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  1. I am looking forward to this series. I am like you ... cub scouting events and activities always include my daughter, as well, and it counts as school hours ... YOU BET IT DOES! I am my son's Webelos co-leader and it just seems to find it's way into our life every day. Can't wait to see what else you have to share!


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