Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ 2013 Camping Trip

Been a long week down at the lake, but it has been pretty awesome!

We loaded up Sunday - the 5 of us (includes one of the 'kids' at the Fire Department) - and headed to Crystal Springs Campground at Lake Ouachita. Roger's parents have a double slip down there, so they keep the party barge there, and we keep our ski boat there. Roger's parents also let us borrow their pull behind camper and their RV. We have a couple of spots that are favorites, so we reserve them every year - right on the lake!  This year we talked a few friends into joining us and they got the spot directly across the street from us. 

Sunday, upon arrival, we got both the homes set up, and the camp set up and then went to dinner in town. We usually go to a local mom & pop type diner when we arrive, but they were closed - so we had Chicken Express for dinner. Sunday evening, we hung out at the camp around the campfire and ate s'mores of course!! It was a long, exhausting day, so we all turned in fairly early. 

Monday morning, after breakfast, the guys loaded the boat while I cleaned up from breakfast and packed lunches. Two boats loaded (our friends brought their boat also) with skis and tubes and food to get us through the day- we headed to an island. We spent a good part of the day out on the boat/island.  The kiddos & guys took turns skiing, tubing and being out on the boat.  I hung out on the island, reading!  It was a nice peaceful day.  While we were tossing jugs, the kiddos found freshwater jellyfish.. they were pretty cool!!

Tuesday ~ we loaded up stuff to grill hotdogs and headed to the Cold Hole.  Kiddos love going there -we spend time walking the creek and searching the creekbed for crawdads - they make good bait for the jugs. After we walk up the creek, they kiddos love to swing from the rope swing in to the literal cold hole.  I wade up the creek with them and catch critters, but after that, I am done.  I have tried the rope swing once and I am not strong enough for it... and that water is just COLD!!

Wednesday ~ we got up early to go pull jugs - had a couple of keepers, and a couple of gars that we tossed back.  Wednesday is usually the day that we take a break from the water and do some clean up around camp and just hang out at camp. This is also the day I try and get the kiddos to take a shower - but after the shower of needles I took - I wasn't too insistent.  The kiddos still play in the lake, but the adults usually just veg!

Wednesday night it stormed, so it was a good thing we had done some clean up!  We didn't run jugs, which was fine with me - everyone needed to sleep in (but I was wide awake at 5am! Thursday morning) Thursday, the kiddos wanted to go back out on the tube -so we went out and played again.  We took onion bombs to the islands for lunch - yummy!!  The guys/kiddos played ~ I read more of my book! S'mores over the grill - because we were put under a bun ban - what was possibly my last night of the trip!

Friday, Ry got up early and made breakfast and then he and I headed out for his ball tournament.  We were gone most of the day - but I got a fresh, non-piercing shower! They didn't win their game and due to several issues.. we left and didn't return to play the second game - that they lost.  So, All Stars is over for the year.  I was exhausted after driving - so I went to bed when we got back.

Saturday, Roger's parent came down - we had lunch at the camp and just hung out there for a while - kiddos played in the lake. The weather was awesome! And the lake was full!  It was a bit windy, so it was choppy.  We went to an island for a while - kiddos played on the tube. Dinner was yummy - post coming up!  Hanging out at the camp resting up before packing up was nice.  Saturday night, the kiddos were tying glowsticks to the ends of their fishing poles and casting them in the dark... that was pretty cool.

Sunday - after breakfast, we started loading up to head home - coming home is always the longest day.  Cleaning, packing, loading, driving, unloading, cleaning, unpacking and more cleaning... I'm exhausted!


  1. This looks like it was such an amazing time! Nothing beats just being outdoors with family. I find that usually creates some of the best memories :)

  2. Looks like a great time on the lake! Never a dull moment when camping like that. Thanks for another great post!

  3. Sounds like you had a blast. We are going camping on Sunday for a few days. I'm going to have to keep in mind going into town for dinner the first night since we will be pooped from setting up. Or maybe nana can bring in pizza. Thanks for the idea. ;)

  4. Sounds like an absolutely fantastic time! I love the water whether it be a lake or the sea. It is so relaxing to me.


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