Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bible Study ~ found a new love!!

Thanks to an online friend (Angie @ Petra School) I have found a new place to participate in personal Bible Study!!  She shared about the blog Doorposts!  They are currently hosting 30 Days in I Corinthians 13!  

I am one of those who loves to write in my Bible!  I have different colors highlighters, pencil notes, different color pens - you name it. I do not use a notebook or journal.  I love having all of my notes in one place - so whenever I take my Bible with me- on vacation, to the lake- where ever I go, my Bible goes with me - and having my notes actually IN my Bible, ensures that 1 - they all go with me as well, and 2 - they are right there on the same page that it relates to.  

Anyways, Doorposts Bible study is encouraging you to write in your Bible (they encourage the notebook as well).  I am already loving the study on I Corinthians 13 - I can't wait to have some time to go back through their archives and see what else they have shared!  


  1. This sounds pretty awesome! I'm going to go check it out now!
    Commenting from the UBC.

  2. What stands out to you, so far, about I Corinthians 13? Sounds like Doorposts is a good fit - no one gets uptight if you scribble in the margins and take a highlighter to the Bible. Whatever aids in deeper understanding can't be a bad thing, surely!


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