Thursday, July 11, 2013

About a year ago, some of the moms in our homeschool group held a Homeschooling High School Roundtable.  My kiddos were still a little young, but I went anyways.. because they will be there before we know it.  One of the main things I took away from that meeting was the use of  When we started 7th grade this past year, I started using it.  (notice I say started - I am a little behind in keeping up with it) This was to get me used to tracking their hours so we would be in routine of it when we started high school.  

Have you heard about Scholaric?  If you need a way to keep up with lesson plans, please go check it out!  It is designed as a lesson planner -put the lessons in, you can even print it off so the kiddos will have a copy of it, then mark when it is complete.  However, since we feel like life is school, I decided to use is as a record keeper, not really a planner.  

I have set our school years to go from July 1-June 30. We do not  formal school year round, per say, but I log hours year round - as they are always learning!  I have different subjects set up, with different sub-catergories.  I even have a section for Scouts and Service - just to keep up with everything they do.  Most of the time, the things they do fit in to one of the subjects!  

Since we just started 8th grade - this past week - now is the perfect time for me to start again with keeping up with their hours!  Maybe I should teach them to log into there and credit theirselves?  They know how many hours they have to have, and they know where they stood throughout the year with each subject!  Think it's something they can learn to do?  Maybe they can add it - then I can double check it and mark it complete -since that it what gives them the credit for it?  

If you are homeschooling a Higheschool Student, how do you keep up with the hours?

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  1. That's a neat website! I don't use that, but I'm going to pass the link on to some of my friends who might be interested. I am big on having my high school kids log their own hours spent on school. It's really most important for things where there isn't a standard text or course outline, but it's a good habit for them to be in. The student needs to have the primary responsibility for keeping track of their time, IMO, and that's what has been working here.


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