Monday, June 3, 2013

MotherBoard Books: Let's Make a Webpage ~ SchoolHouse Crew Review

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So, I have had this blog for a while, and while it's not designed *exactly* like I want it, I know my way around it pretty well.  I addition to my blog, I also have made and maintain two other websites.  I helped design and maintain our homeschool page Central AR Homeschoolers (that is sadly in the need of updating) I also take care of our local Fire Departments page. Both are fairly easy, but took a little bit of learning and some trial and error. 

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When the ebook Let's Make a Webpage from Motherboard Books became available for review, I was pretty excited.  I thought of this as an opportunity to learn a few tricks that I was missing, as well as teaching the kiddos a little about making a page. We worked with it for a while, and they made a page or two, and learned some about making a webpage, but there was a lot and it was a bit frustrating for them. So after a page, the were hooked, so I switched to working with an easier program.  We did use the program and I did learn a few new things, but the main thing was this got my kiddos ready to want to do this!  I gave them some ideas and they took it and ran with it!!  Samantha started with a page about the pets we have. Riley started with sports.  While searching for baseball action photos, Ry also found some injury photos and started another page about injuries.  Since they go so into working on it, I decided to join them.  I started a school daze page and will help them keep up with school stuff (this will go along great with another review that recently went live).

The kiddos spent quite a bit of time working on this when I first introduced them to it, and have been back several times to add more. The main slow down is that my photos are not that organized!!   So, are you ready to see it?  Darr Twins  Check it out and let me know what you think!! (after double checking on it recently, there are a couple of pages that they didn't publish yet, or have unpublished to work on... guess we will focus on that throughout the summer).

Let's Make a Webpage is designed for ages 8-12 years old and is available as an ebook for $19.95.

You can also check out and see if the other crew members made a website also ~ click the link here
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