Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bowling, but no longer welcome?

So, there is the program Kids Bowl Free that we participate in.  We have done so for the past several years, with our homeschool group.  This year, one of our moms called the local bowling alley and let them know that we would be returning again this year.  The alley told us we didn't need to reserve space, just to show up.  (Yes, we are aware that the bottom of the coupon says not available for groups or birthdays). We didn't set it up as a group trip - we were told we didn't need to.  So, we all showed up at the same time to bowl.  There were 20 families, which is a nice size crowd, but we only took up 6 lanes.  If we were not all grouped up, we would have taken up to 20 lanes!  There were plenty of lanes open the entire time we were there, our group of almost 50 kiddos acted very well, no horse playing or anything like that.  You know what we were told? We were told that there were too many of us and we couldn't come back and use the kids bowl free coupons.  Forget the fact that we spent $3 per child for shoes AND probably (rough estimate) $200 at the snack bar during the time we were there... 

Needless to say, there were several upset mommas.  We discussed it the entire time we were there and none of us were too happy about it at all.  One of the mommas took charge, called another local bowling alley and explained the situation to them and they offered to let us bowl there, as a group, for $2.75 per child - shoes included.  So, since they were welcoming to us, we will be taking our money and going elsewhere to let our kiddos enjoy their summer bowling!!

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