Monday, June 10, 2013

Aviation Merit Badge takes flight!!

So exciting ~ there are no words!!  Well, ok... maybe just a few.  We found out a friend had recently become a certificated private pilot, so I asked if he would like to help teach the Aviation Merit Badge.  He jumped on the chance and is currently in the process of working with about 8 boys on their badge. However, he was able to give Samantha and Riley a private flight - before he started the class.  Ry got to mark off his perform a preflight check and take a flight with a pilot.  

(these are various from all three of our cameras)

plotting the flight path

buckle up!

One of them taking off over the top of me!

Ry's selfie!  

Sam's turn!

Sam's selfie! (I told them to be sure and get one like this!)

Somewhere along the Arkansas River

The top of Pinnacle Mountain

The ballfields we play on - ours is the bigger one off to the right, almost out of the shot.

Sam's shutter speed caught the fast moving propeller at a weird position.

The plane they flew in.

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