Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And we are back on the right track!!!

There was talk in private messages about the possibility of North Pulaski United Methodist Church welcoming Troop 542 into their building.  I had a couple of friends message me about them, a couple of other parents had heard they would be open, so Tuesday night, we had a meeting with those that were still interested in 542 and discussed the possibility of the church.  I volunteered to reach out to them and see what they had to say.  

I made the call first thing this morning and Pastor Carol said she was waiting on our call!  She said that they had discussed it with the members, the board had discussed it and they called a special meeting to vote and allow us to use the building - all before we even called and asked!!

We were able to meet at the church and check out the facilities, which are quite a bit smaller than where we were meeting, but we think we can make it work!  Things are looking up with the scouts!!

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