Thursday, June 6, 2013

A booth at the local Farmers Market!

We have several options for Farmer's Market, fairly close.  There is the Little Rock-River Market that has the Farmer's Market two days a week.  There is also Argenta -that is certified Arkansas grown, it is in North Little Rock. Sherwood has a new produce market called BJ's Plants and Produce.  We get fresh produce weekly through a CSA Farm Share - from Kellogg Valley Farms.  Recently, Sherwood started a Sherwood's Farmer Market.  It is small, but it is just now taking off, so I think there is potential.  Kellogg Valley set up at Argenta and Sherwood. If you are local to me, I suggest checking them out!

Anyways... one of the leaders set it up where the Girl Scouts could have a booth at the Sherwood Farmers Market.  My girls were working on their Breathe Journey, so having a booth was the perfect opportunity to share what they have learned about air pollution and recycling. (A perfect follow-up for the landfill trip also- I just need to get the trip to the recycle center set up!). 

The girls worked hard to prepare their booth.  They had facepaint station - with relevant recycle and earth choices.  They had a sorting game for the little ones - glass/plastic/cardboard and they had a couple of games that they had made out of recyclable materials.

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