Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Worst night ever

So, Saturday after we all got home and settled, we got a call stating that there was an emergency meeting this coming Tuesday night to discuss the future of the Charter of our Boy Scout Troop. This would originally be our last Scout meeting for the school year. 

Tuesday we show up at meeting time and were a little surprised at the set-up of the meeting.  I personally was expecting the leaders and adults, maybe the Pastor of the church, to meet in the Scout room or fellowship hall to "discuss" the future of 542.  Well, that's not exactly how it happened.  We met in the sanctuary, with probably about half of the church members and were told (no discussion) that the church is revoking the charter and we would no longer be able to meet there as Boy Scouts Troop 542.  To say we devastated is an understatement.  The parents were upset and the boys that were there were broken-hearted.  And if that wasn't enough, they allowed the boys to stand up and speak - knowing that the decision was made and there was nothing that was going to change the churches mind.  I am very proud of the boys of 542 ~ even though they were told by several adults that they would understand the decision when they became adults.  It was a very sad situation for the boys.  

I am not saying I agree with the scouts, not saying I agree with the church, but the whole situation was handled wrong, in my opinion. This was not a discussion, it was already decided.  This was not a place for the boys, this should have been a parent meeting. All taken care of in a completely wrong manner. 

A few of the parents talked afterwards and decided that 542 will go on and we are going to work to make that happen for the boys! 

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