Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First mission of Older Girl program - DONE!

So, last year, our Girl Scout Service Team added a *new* position.  Older Girl Specialist.  It was added for/by an adult Girl Scout that is still young, fresh out of college, newly married and super excited about scouts.  She was a Girl Scout all of her life and immediately started volunteering her time with our Service Unit.  I was super excited because my Girls are finally "older girl" age and she was full of ideas.  THEN.... she got hired by Diamonds Council of AR, OK, TX... which meant she could no longer volunteer.  

Ready for a break from the Awards Position, I stepped up to take on the Older Girls Specialist.... WHAT was I thinking???  Let me tell you what I was thinking... I was thinking that once girls reach middle school age, that's when we see the drop in membership.  NOW, I know there are a lot of you who do not agree with GSUSA and their policies and such, HOWEVER- we are talking local girls on an individual troop level.  I am talking about getting to know these girls as young ladies, being there for them as a mentor and teaching them to do the right thing and training them to be leaders!  Forget what GSUSA policies are... I am here for the Girls - NOT GSUSA!!!  These girls start dropping out of scouts at a time when most of them NEED it the most.  When they need to know that someone has their backs!!  My six girls in my troop are six of my favorite people!!  They are absolutely awesome and it is in part because of scouting - because of the opportunities they have had and the friendships they have made.  (stepping off my soapbox).

Here I am in the process of handing over and training our new Awards Specialist -all during awards season AND taking on the new position as OGS.  First mission - bridge the graduating Seniors to adult.  This happened at our Adult Awards Banquet!!  So, I was kinda pulled two directions at the same time during this.  I didn't know these five graduates very well, but I truly enjoyed working with them and planning their ceremony.  I was super nervous, but we got through it!! 

Now that all of that is over, I am ready to get started on this next year!!  I already have a brainstorming/meet and greet/pizza party planned- and I am hoping I have a decent turn out so I can get some good ideas for this next fall!!!

There were tons of photos taken that night, but so far, I haven't been in any that I have seen - which is FINE BY ME!!!  However, here is my favorite of the girls - with their bridge - all decked out in their Super Hero Theme!!

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