Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cold and Canoes

Every other year, Ry's Scout Troop takes a trip to float the Buffalo River.  In addition to it being fun and a new experience, it also completes the Canoeing Merit Badge.  For Ry's troop, in order to go on the Float Trip, you have to complete the Canoe Prep Camp Weekend.  Just so you know what to do/expect while in the canoe.  This year, Roger was able to take that weekend off to go on the float with the boys.  Samantha decided she wanted to go also ~ since Roger is going, she is able to attend!  But, she had to complete the Canoe Prep Weekend also... which meant I got to go camping with the scouts! 

Turns out, we ended up with a  COLD and rainy weekend.  So cold that Samantha and I put the seats in the van down and slept there... and were still cold, but at least we were dry and out of the storms! (I wouldn't make a very good Boy Scout!!

Saturday was a day full of learning ~ from small groups being taught by older boys to actually being on the water in the canoe.

She has the leaders wrapped around her pinky ~ this was one of the guys jackets she had on the way to the lake.

They both jumped right in and learned what needed to be done, and despite the weather, they had a good time and are looking forward to the actual trip!! Since I am not going on that, I am not sure how many photos I will end up with, but I am going to encourage them to blog about the trip and will try and snag that from them!

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