Tuesday, March 26, 2013

B is for...

Boy Scouts (obviously!)

Blogging Through the Alphabet
I don't know a lot about Boy Scouts, but I have learned tons over the past couple of years!  When Ry bridged up from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, I had no idea what in the world they were talking about. After a  few weeks, I slowly started catching on to the terms and what these guys were talking about and things started making more sense to me!  

Through Boy Scouts, Riley has learned so much.  He has also gotten to experience more than his fair share of things!!  He has learned leadership skills.. he has learned how to go through an interview - the Board of Reviews are similar to an interview.  His love of camping has greatly increased! He has made lifelong friends and so have I.  

If you have a son, I highly encourage you to look into Scouts and see if there is a pack/troop local to you. (something else I learned- the whole thing is a pack, but the cubs mostly referred to as a pack and the boys are the troop of that pack... (don't ask me!)

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