Sunday, February 24, 2013

A new level of Girl Scouting ~ lots of changes for me!!

You know you are in Girl Scouts too deep when you get a personal email, from the CEO, on a Sunday afternoon!!!  I was almost scared to open it!!  Turns out, there is a group of managers coming in for a meeting/training and she needs a volunteer panel to answer some questions from OUR point of view!  I am all over that!!  Pretty excited about it, actually!  

I have also made some changes in the Service Unit.  For the past 4 years, my title in the Service Unit has been Awards and Recognition Chair.  Fun position, I had to be the eyes for the Service Team and was able to recognize those leaders that have gone above and beyond!  It was fun, but as my girls get older - and the Older Girl Position became available, I really felt led to take on that position.  (now I just need to figure out how to get them to communicate with me!)  I really WANT an Older Girl Program that the girls can learn from and will enjoy at the same time! (I am open to suggestions!!)

And, since I stepped up to work with the Older Girls, the timing was just right for me to join the Compass Team through the Council.  The Compass Team is responsible for setting up events and programs for the Council.  This is a newly formed team, with two NEW & AWESOME, pumped up leaders.  I think I am going to enjoy working with them in forming some programs.  The programs this past few years have really been lacking in the Older Girl area -- see where I am going with this?? I stepped up to be apart of the Compass Team - to add events and programs for the Older Girls!  We have had a couple of meetings, and I think this next year will be pretty exciting for the girls!!

I am open to any suggestions you may have for something fun and exciting for Older Girls!  (I am also open to suggestions for a work to replace exciting-- it seems to be my word for the day!)

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  1. Working in Girl Scouts is a very noble thing to do. I've worked with Young Women many times. They can be a handful, but also great fun. Enjoy the moment.


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