Thursday, January 3, 2013

She's gone punk!

Samantha has a few friends that have had colored streaks in their hair... pink, red, purple, blue... you name it.  I have seen tons of colors lately!

Samantha has been wanting some color in her hair as well... and it just has never been in our budget for something like that.  Hair is not an issue here, and I had no qualms about her having streaks in her hair... I just didn't want to shell out the money for it!

So, Christmas, we play dirty santa with my family - only rule is $50 in gift cards.  Samantha got her hands on one for our salon and she fought for it the entire night- she won.  Well, between the Holidays and the snowstorm, we had to put off her getting in and getting her hair done!  We finally got to go visit the salon and she chose to do pink and purple highlights.  It was a little more than her gift card, but she covered that out of her spending money.  She was pretty proud of the end results... and I think it looks pretty cute also!

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