Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shakespeare Reading Group

So, the kiddos are finally able to join in and become part of the TEEN group with our homeschool group, and boy, are they active!  We have one mom who is setting up field trips to encourage career exploration, one mom who has set up archery club and a mom who has set up a Shakespeare reading group. There is so much going on (and folks are worried about socialization)!  

We have participated in the career field trips and will continue to do so as the kiddos are interested in them.  They are about twice a month.  

We are signed up to participate in the archery club - the first shoot is next week.  They kiddos are super excited about that!

And finally, we (I) decided to participate in the Shakespeare reading.  I know that it can be boring sometimes, but I just thought (and so did Miss Crecy) that reading a play aloud - with different voices for different parts - would make it a little more interesting.  Today was our first meeting and both of my kiddos had a speaking part (neither were very thrilled about that in the beginning).  

They LOVED IT!!  They came out of the room at the library just glowing and they talked about it ALL. THE. WAY. HOME.!  I cannot tell you how excited I was that they were so happy!  

I thought about searching for some Hamlet lesson plans/ideas, but I decided to leave it alone.  Since they enjoyed it so much, I decided not to bog it down and make it look like they were learning... just going to let them enjoy this one!

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