Friday, January 11, 2013

Cookie Rally ~ 2013

Each year, the night before Cookie Sale starts, the Girl Scouts hold a Cookie Rally.  The first couple of years, it was a HUGE event, put on by the Girl Scout Council.  It took place at a local college in the gym.  DJ, bouncy house, movie room, game room, cookie activities, cookie games, cookie samples, snack bar... you name it, it was there... last from 6-midnight and literally wore the girls out.

When the council changed over from Ouachita Council to GS Diamonds, that was one of the things they did away with.  Our Service Unit (very active unit) opted to go ahead with a smaller version.  We have tried various things and have pulled off a few decent Cookie Rally's. Complete with bouncy houses (that was a one time deal - not a good fit for our rally) and DJ's (go check him out - we love DJ Hollywood! He is a North Hills staple!!)  Nothing compares to the council ones - who has that kind of cash for these things?  Anyways... 

Last year, my girls were just on the brink of being old enough to help, so they got pulled to the tattoo table.  Really? I think that was the BUSIEST table!! They did have a blast working it though!  This year, they were old enough to be assigned a station!  We actually got two stations this year - badge work, because the girls need to know what all badges are available at all levels.  We worked on posters beforehand and then they shared that information with the other girls about their badges. This station also included discussing the Gift of Caring with the girls.  

We also worked the Tattoo Table again - besides the tattoos, my girls discussed some of the safety with the scouts and also made sure they knew all of the cookie flavors!  This was once again a busy table!

In addition to the tables they worked, they also had plenty of free time for snacking and visiting other tables and dancing!  

All in all, the 2013 Cookie Rally was a success!!  

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