Friday, January 4, 2013

Louisiana Purchase State Park

We go to Brinkley on a fairly normal basis to visit with some family that is still there.  I used to have several great Aunts and Uncles that were in the area, sadly, I am down to just one.  It is a pretty good drive for us, so I try to make it as productive as possible.  We always see the signs for the Louisiana Purchase State Park, so this time, we decided to take off and find it.  

Let me just say... Not exactly what I was expecting.  We made it to the turn off where the sign said 2 miles, and it turned into a paved road that was about a lane and a half.  We drove for the two miles and then I saw a sign that said road ends ahead... that would be ok, if there was something there.  Well, more than a boardwalk through a swamp.

We took off down the boardwalk - it was about a half a mile back - all the way to the end...

This stone was the whole point of the trip?

Also, there is a State Park Geocache hidden there somewhere... maybe we will find it the next time?

One of those things that I am glad we finally did it, but it won't be on my list of places to visit anytime in the near future...

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  1. We have been to several places like that....glad you went, but probably won't go again ;). Never know unless you go! Thanks for sharing at FTF!


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