Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dutch Oven Camp-Out

Riley just returned from the Boy Scouts Annual Dutch-Oven Campout.  It happens every year in December - they are able to get a lodge on the Air Base and all 6 meals are cooked over the campfire in a dutch-oven. See, it's tricky because they cannot repeat things that have already been prepared! They have come up with some creative menus over the years. Last year, Riley made taco soup, this year he made something called Chuckwagon Casserole.  He is wanting to make it here for us, because he said it was pretty good!

My plan this year is to let him experiment with some of our recipes and see what he can do over the campfire and maybe even be in charge of a couple of meals during our annual camping trip in the summer!  He loves to cook, so learning outdoors is right up his alley!

Do any of you do any outdoor cooking? Any recipes that you would like to share?? Riley would love to have something new to use next year!

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  1. I wish we could've been there for the Dutch-Oven Campout. I guess I'll have to settle for whatever my son and husband dream up to cook in our backyard.


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