Saturday, December 8, 2012

becoming a DOer!

I am a big *to-do* list person.  And I love sticky notes!!  My first step in becoming a DOer is to organize the way I keep up with my to-do list. I am going to try and make sense of thing here...

Since we have that one day a week that we are out for Class Day, I also try to take care of all of our errands on that day as well.  So, Monday is errand day, then I break the rest of the week up into TWT and FSS.  For Monday, every Monday evening I put a sticky note in my calendar on the NEXT Monday.  Every time I think of something that I need to do while we are out running our errands, I add it to the sticky note. If it involves any paper, I put those in my calendar.  If it involves something larger, that automatically goes to the back of the van.  That way, Mondays, we just have to grab my calendar and go!  It has been going pretty smoothly, but I want to be consistent with keeping this up!

I do the same thing each week with each set of to-do list.  At the end of Thursday, I put a new one on next week in the calendar and start over.  My Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday to-dos are things that I need to deal with that week - my volunteer work, any phone calls, one or two simple projects around the house. The goal is to not make is so overwhelming that it doesn't get completed.  Anything that doesn't get done gets moved to the next week.

The next list, Friday, Saturday, Sunday changes from week to week.  If hubby is going to be home, then it is things that are around the house that need to be taken care of, any family errands that we need to run, family projects that we are working on - those kind of things.  If he is working a majority of the weekend (or if he is in the deer woods like he has been the past two months) the list is a little closer to my TWT list, but contains more serious projects that are more long term for me... it contains baby steps!

This has been going on for a couple of weeks, and it seems to be working well.  Anything that isn't complete at the end of the list's time automatically gets moved to the next week.  Oh, and I use 4x6 lined sticky notes, and once I fill that page up - then whatever else comes to mind gets put on a new one for the next week.

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