Sunday, November 25, 2012

Annual Christmas Tree Farm Trip

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For the past 10 or so years, we have gone and cut down a live tree.  It has become a family tradition each year to go sometime over Thanksgiving weekend and cut our own tree.  We started out going to Schilling's, then we went to a different one for a while and a couple of years ago, their pickings was slim & it is on a hillside that just got to be too much for me, so we went back to Schilling's and are pretty happy there...

Annual self-taken family portrait on the wagon ride down to the trees!

This is the one!

Riley starts it... 

Samantha works on it for a while...

then, Riley again & Samantha helps him knock it over!

Now for their favorite part- the race to get it netting off!!

Placing the lights on the tree! 

We have never had a tree topper - having a live tree, it doesn't really work.  We have always used a Santa Hat - it fits over the top of every tree! This year, I have a new one!!

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  1. What a fun tradition! I love the Santa hat topper! That is such a cute addition! :) Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Learning Keeps


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