Sunday, November 25, 2012

A lazy, yet productive weekend

Thanksgiving was yummy.. Roger had to work on Friday and then headed straight to the deer woods on Saturday morning.  Riley was with Gramma and Granpa - in the deer woods & Samantha started off at Grannie & Poppi's, but ended up sick and coming home - but was crashed on the couch for most of the weekend!

I spent all day Friday cleaning - deep cleaning!  With no kiddos or hubby at home, it was easy to do! I got the den, main bath, master bedroom and bath cleaned.  All that was left was the kitchen and dining room - but I was beat!  BUT - my house was well on the way to being clean!!

Saturday - well, I was still beat & Samantha came home sick and crashed on the couch, so I stayed in my room (in my warm bed) and while I was watching movies, I updated all my bank accounts, all paperwork I needed to deal with, lesson plans, Girl Scout stuff, Boy Scout stuff, Fire Department stuff - I spent the whole day on paperwork & lesson plans.  While my house still looked rough, I felt majorly accomplished!!

Sunday - Samantha was still feeling blah Sunday morning, so we stayed home from church and I worked a little on the house. Roger and Riley got home right at lunch time and we loaded up to go cut down the Christmas tree for the year!  We spent the rest of the evening working on the tree and the house. (see next post!)

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