Saturday, October 20, 2012

Race for the Cure

The Race for the Cure is always the 3rd weekend in October.  A few years ago, my Girl Scouts started going as a troop and walking - with my co-leader and a few other moms!  They love going and look forward to it each year.  And, each year, Riley gets upset because he cannot participate in the race.

Friday night before hand, the girls all spent the night here at the house and were ready to go the morning of the race!  Miss Melissa was able to get some photos of the girls

This year, Riley had an opportunity to participate.  The guys at the fire department normally take a truck down to the route - to encourage the ladies along.  This year, they invited him to join them!  He was so excited to go!  He even gave up a weekend camping trip with Boy Scouts for 4 hours at the race!

(Thanks to Miss Melissa for snapping his photo as the girls walked by!)

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