Thursday, October 11, 2012

DD ~ Quote #5

Welcome to Destination Disney!Our focus is on QUOTES.
Each week, Heidi will be posting a new Disney-related quote
(sometimes they’ll be from Walt himself, sometimes from others,
and sometimes from Disney movies and characters).

You can interpret the quote however you would like to -
use it to inspire a blog post, share pictures, etc.
This week, let’s focus on this quote:
pooh quote

This quote deifnitely makes me think of homeschooling... along the delight directed learning style.  I have always tried to be relaxed with our homeschooling and encouraged the kiddos to do just that.. dig a little deeper!


  1. What an awesome interpretation of this week's quote, Christa. I'm so glad you linked up!

  2. That's awesome! I think its great to be able to homeschool. I wish I could have homeschooled my kids, but I was too scared that I wouldn't do a good job & lose my patience, LOL. Now they are in 9th grade & 2nd grade...too late for me(I think).


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