Monday, September 10, 2012

Facing a fear...

Today, we went to a place called WonderWorks.  I think there is also one in Gatlinburg, but I'm not sure, I have seen it somewhere before though.  After seeing the brochures (and the windy weather) I gave up my hopes and plans of parasailing to go to this museum.  It was a very hands-on, science museum.  We spent over 4 hours there, and could have stayed longer.

I have never been to a museum that was as hands-on as this one was!  I can't even begin to list out everything that we were able to do there - but I will share a few photos of some cool stuff!!

Bed of Nails

Design your own roller-coaster & ride it in the simulator

Wonder-wall - yes, it is like the pegs that you could put your hands on and make the design - full body size!!

Mindball - who is more relaxed?

from Mindball.. Sam won their game, Roger won ours

And finally, my fear - a rope course!  There was a three-story rope course (included in the price) that we all went up on - they all took off and left me!  After many minutes, and maybe even a few tears, I took that first step and did a few of the obstacles... not all though!  

Definitely one of those things - been there, done that, no need to go again (the ropes anyways... I would LOVE to go back to WonderWorks!!)

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