Friday, August 3, 2012

We call it Class Day


When we first got into the groups in our area, we were involved in Enrichment Academy.  The kiddos went for the day, taking Art, Spanish and a Writing class, as well as lunchtime and meeting new friends.  EA is considered a school and there is a cost to attend. To keep our costs down, I opted to teach the preK class.  We really enjoyed EA, the kids, the teachers, the friends we made, everything about it... except the day.  It was very hard for us to get up and do school on Monday's, take off on Tuesday's and then try to get back on track for the rest of the week.  Tuesday's were too hard.  We went for their 2nd grade year and then missed out on co-ops for the next few years. During the summer last year, we became friends with a family who's mom had a wonderful vision of a co-op.  After some talking and discussion, Class Day was born.  Class Day is a co-op where all mom's have to take part in it in some way, shape or form.  There is a small, one time per semester fee, and then possibly a fee for he individual classes offered.

Fall 2011, the kiddos took Art, Music and Geography. In the spring, they took Art, Astronomy and Ry took sign language and Samantha finished up Geography.  I taught preK!  We loved it!  Class Day is on Monday mornings, from 9-12.  It works out for us, because we have music lessons in the afternoons.  Works out for us because we can take care of everything outside on Monday's then have a full rest of the week's worth of school!  

This fall, while I can't remember what all the kiddos are taking, I know I am teaching preK (Dr. Suess themed) and K-2 Science (Magic School Bus themed).  I know they are taking art. And I think Riley is taking PE... it's been a while since we signed up.  In addition to a variety of classes offered, there are opportunities for them to perform.  Last fall, there was a Christmas Program where Samantha and Riley sang with a group.  In the spring, there was a Easter Program/Talent Show, where the kiddos sang together and Samantha played a piano solo.  We haven't gotten started for this fall, but I  have seen a few ideas of what is happening and I know there will be a Winter talent show and Christmas party.

Class Day has been a great thing for us.  We have learned so much, and made such good, lifelong friends... I can't wait to see what this year holds!!


  1. Your *Class Day* works very much like our group's co-op. We really enjoy ours so much. Glad you found something great that works for your family!

  2. What a great idea! I hope it continues to go well.


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