Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Girl Scout Trip

Sorry for the delay on this... it took some time to get written up, photos loaded and with all the other stuff going on... But, here it is...

Call us brave, call us stupid, call us whatever... but my co-leader and I loaded up 8 12/13 year old girls and took them 4 hours away to Branson for 3 days/2 nights!!  You may not believe me ~ but we had a BLAST!! The girls all listened and got along with each other and I think they all had a great time as well!

We left out of here right on schedule and headed north. We stopped at Grinder's Ferry on the Buffalo River and let the girls stretch...

We made it to Missouri!!

We were earlier than I had planned, so we had some time before we could check in, so we stopped at the Table Rock Dam Site... it was not as pretty since there was no water flowing...

When we finally got to check in, we learned they were having rubber duckie decoration in the clubhouse, so they all agreed to go do that... pretty cute idea and they had fun showing their creative sides!

Monday night, we hung out at the condo, because it had a huge hot tub in the master bedroom ~ the girls all took turns, two at a time, in their clothes~ taking a bath in the hot tub.  When they weren't in the tub, the rest were piled on the bed watching the Olympics. We were also able to take care a lot of the first of the year business on Monday evening!

Tuesday morning, they decided to go to Ripley's and to the Inspiration Tower before our dinner at Dixie Stampede.  They loved Ripley's!!

We had a picnic lunch on the grounds of the Inspiration Tower, and then took the Shepherd of the Hills tour.  It was long, and kinda hot, but pretty neat.  The highlight of the tour was we passed the donkey man taking the donkeys down to get ready for the show and he stopped and let the girls pet them and feed them peppermints.  A couple were afraid at first, but they all fed, eventually!

From the top of the Tower, we could see our condos... 

But we couldn't see the girls (at least not in picture form)

Tuesday evening we went to Dixie Stampede.  The rules were no cameras, so I don't have any photos of them there... they all had a great time there... 

Wednesday morning, we got up and loaded up... but first a photo on the balcony!

After our tour of the Titanic, the girls got to see Molly and Carter. Too CUTE!  And loved to get their photos taken!  

Here are the girls in front of the Titanic ~ out of the 10 of us, only two perished. 

After the Titanic, we had lunch at Uptown Cafe and headed home.  We arrived home right on time, and right before the bottom fell out on a HUGE storm!

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