Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making up for it...

After we left the Lower White River Museum, we headed a little south to the Stuttgart Plantation Museum.  This museum was totally worth the drive!  It was HUGE! and full of neat... stuff!  All kinda of stuff

This little old lady was full of knowledge and wanted to tell us everything she knew about the museum.  She was also very particular about what we could and could not touch...

Really cool covered wagon

Diamond shaped stop sign

There was a sample village inside the building - this stuff was in the mock doctor office

Police Department had a jail cell!

One of the huge tractors that was inside..

All the different plows that they used

Inside the duck room, at sunrise - time to start shooting

Kiddos found the duck blind!

Stuttgart is the Rice Capital of Arkansas!

They had several out building also.. a fire station

And a one room school house - there were so many cool OLD books in there... it was really cool

This one is worth going out of the way for.. I am thinking about planning a group trip there...

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