Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Samantha goes to the doctor...

In March, I took Sam to the doctor, because she was always tired. I was thinking low iron, put her on extra OTC iron and be done with it.  BUT.... since my family health history is like it is... he went ahead and ran an ANA and Arthritis profile.  They called me two days later and said her ANA was positive (which was my deciding factor in my Lupus, a positive ANA).  The doctor wanted her to see a Rhuemetologist at Children's Hospital.  They sent the referral and records and told they would get with us about an appointment.  (Note: that was March and it is now end of June and we still haven't heard from Children's about an appointment).  

Since I see my Rhuemetologist on a regular basis, and so does my mom, I talked to him about seeing her.  He looked at her tests and said to make an appointment and get some more blood drawn so he can do some more detailed testing. 

She saw Dr. Chi at the beginning of June. Her test results were what I was afraid of, but knew I would probably hear.  Her ANA was positive, but it was a High Normal. He wants to get her in the system and keep an eye on her and see how her levels do during puberty and growing up.  He did say to not be surprised if she gets a Lupus DX by the time she is 15.  He wants to watch her and avoid her getting sick like I did. 

So, keep her in your prayers as we start down this path with her... 

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  1. Hey, I need to email you about this. Emily's ANA was positive a long time ago and they said she had Mast Cell disorder at ACH. I haven't been able to get back in but several doc's have commented that it's probably not that- so confusing. I would love to see another doc thatknows what is going on. I had a lot of problems and still have some, and mostly around 13-21 was bad I guess. Prayers for you guys.


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