Saturday, June 23, 2012

Great War Memorial Balloon Race

Everyone always dreams of going out to New Mexico to see the balloon races out there.  I caught something come across someone's facebook announcing the Great War Memorial Balloon Race, so we jumped on the chance to go see some balloons lift off and race. It was pretty hot, and the winds were blowing enough that they weren't able to lift off.  They were still AWESOME to see, to be on the grounds with 10-12 filling up and swaying in the wind...

The eagle was 150 feet high ~  the rest were not as high ~

We got up early Saturday morning and went to a high spot to watch them race, however, due to the winds, they were moved to another area.  We got there in time to catch a few of them landing...

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  1. Fun! My kids were at their grandma's but I wanted to go so badly!


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