Monday, June 18, 2012

Back to normal life

After almost two weeks of camping, and then getting back and going straight to an all weekend tournament ~ today was time to get back to real life!  We all were ready for some normalcy around here...

Back to voice, piano and guitar.  Samantha  is learning the song Free To Be Me by Francesca Batestelli and Riley is learning Courageous (not sure who sings it) and they are both working on White Flag by Chris Tomlin.  Samantha told me she wanted to learn this one and then sing it at church!  Yay!!

After a day of being gone, we headed back out to the Travelers game.. for Field of Dreams.. As soon as my phone decides to sync correctly and transfer my photos over - I will share that fun!

Since we are back to normal around here, I am working on getting my blog caught up and will also be participating in some cruises and hops... so, if you get this in your email.. my apologies!

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