Sunday, April 1, 2012

We are the champions, my friends...

So, this weekend was full of tournament!!  We started off bright and early Saturday morning with a double header ~ 9 am and 11am.

The first game we played was against the team that beat us out of 3rd place in last week's tournament, so the boys were ready to play and on their game this morning!  The boys played AWESOME!!  They won this game

Second game, they did great, but you could tell they were starting to get tired.  They almost lost their spirit, which almost cost them the game... they hung in there and were able to pull off a win...

Winning those two games put them at the first game on Sunday- against the second team they played - and almost lost to!  Since we were fresh and ready to go, they managed to pull off another win!

Riley did great first game ~ three hits!

I got a little excited when he made contact with the ball and my camera lost focus!

That win put them playing the Championship game a couple hours later.  We stayed and watched the last game- to see who we would be up against... That was a TOUGH game!!  It was so close and they played hard!

Finally it was our turn ~ Riley didn't get a hit in in the second game.  He went down trying though! They ended up winning this game by 10 point!  The Tigers are the Spring Fling Tournament Champions!!  First place ~ undefeated all the way!

Talk around the park ~ they are the team to watch this year!!

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