Sunday, April 1, 2012

Learning it all again, for the first time

This week's topic is "What is your favorite history resource?"

I am going to be very simple here and say over the past 7 years of homeschooling, my most favorite history resource has been Story of the World.  I started reading this to them when they were in the first grade and decided to continue because *I* was learning SO much!  I learned things I never even remember hearing about in school.. I also learned MORE about some things that I did learn the minimum about.  The books are full of information.  Thanks to SotW, my kiddos have a great understanding of maps.  We still work on where things are and they have forgotten some of the places that we don't talk about regularly, but they can use a map.  SotW's teachers guide also has other activities as well as a list of  books that go along with each subject/chapter. We checked out of the library of what we were studying and those were placed randomly around the house ~ and they read them!

In addition to Story of the World, I would have to say I love using WonderMaps.  The options they have on the maps make it fun for the kiddos to use!

I am pretty excited about this topic, as I just recently found out that using Story of the World is not going to work through our High School years, so I am kinda in planning mode for that and look forward to what everyone recommends!! Don't worry though, those SotW books will stay on our shelf and be used as resources... especially the teachers' guides!!


  1. We used SotW last year with my son and he liked it somewhat- I definitely learned (relearned?) a lot from it!
    Love WonderMaps :)

  2. We did SOTW many years ago and it impacted how I've taught history even though I didn't stay with it. It just made sense.


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