Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Fling - Updated

Central AR Homeschoolers, our homeschool group, has a Co-op called Class Day.  We meet weekly, and are currently in our second semester.  We had a Christmas Program in December and a Spring Fling last night.  Spring Fling consisted of an Easter Program put on by the music class, the Speech Class sharing their work for the semester and a Talent Show.  I just have to say ~ ALL of those kiddos have some talent!! I was EXTREMELY impressed with all of their talents!!  I am hoping there was someone videoing and captured all of it!  I did manage to get my kiddos - with my cell phone - I am currently trying to upload it to my FB page and I am going to give it a try here...

 I had to resort to uploading it to youtube.  Sorry if you get this by mail and got it twice...

Oh, and they did get 1st place in Duets division (there were only two entries, but still!)

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